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Blue Holes


Renowned for exceptional snorkelling, Blue Holes is located along the Red Bluff Road/George Grey Drive, just south of Kalbarri's town. The protected waters and rock pools make the Blue Holes a natural aquarium for marine life and safe for kids to splash about in.

Explore the protected waters of the Indian Ocean and be amazed by a myriad stunning fish and other marine life swimming in the Blue Holes is a fish habitat protection area and part of an inshore limestone reef system, with some sections permanently submerged and others exposed, giving the ‘Blue Holes’ stretch of coast its name. It's home to more than 70 species of finfish. Some fish to look out for include dart, moon wrasse, raccoon butterfly fish, humbugs and western rock lobster. There are as many as 10 types of sponge, 11 species of coral, crustaceans such as banded hair shrimp and beds of oysters.

Walk along the pristine sandy beach and examine rock pools along the shore. Swim in the sheltered waters and laze about on the soft sand. Then settle back after a rewarding investigation of the Blue Holes to see the beautiful Western Australian sunset tranquil waters and crawling along the ocean floor.